Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top, but you get the chance to see further than most

High performing senior executives need to show impeccable leadership and astute judgment. Leading an organisation can pose a unique set of challenges and often the leader must face these challenges alone, facing difficult personal decisions, and hard choices – sometimes without much support.

And the world is changing; business is fast, transparent, hyper-competitive. Leaders must develop previously undervalued skills such as emotional intelligence and the ability to have clear focus to cut through the noise and inevitable challenges.

Why not stay as you are?

Because what got you to where you are today, won't necessarily get you and your business to where you want to be tomorrow.

Are you happy with the results you are getting now and are these sustainable, or is there more opportunity for you and your businesses that you are not tapping into? 21st century business is changing at an unprecedented pace, and so must you if you are to acheive your goals and aspirations.

Be the change you wish to see

It all starts with you. You set the tone for the organisation and cast a wide shadow, setting the pace and mood of the business. And you must have unshakable confidence and a clear strategic vision if you are to lead your business through invevitable change and challenges.

Sometimes in the hectic pace, and particularly during demanding challenges, we can lose sight of how our behaviours impact others.

The biggest challenge you might face is recognising that you might actually be the biggest challenge.

Coaching will help you to find the necessary perspective in the decisions and choices you need to make, helping you to stay focussed and energetic, inspiring and leading those around you.

Whether you're new in role, leading a major change programme, or looking for business growth acceleration, coaching will help you to achieve the results you want.

Executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt said the best advice he ever got was to hire a coach.

"The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps"

If you're ready to be the best that you can be, get in touch.

Helping a senior executive go from rock bottom to high flying

A senior executive asked me to help them through a difficult period. They were under performing and very close to losing their job; they were either going to get fired or they were going to walk but neither option would have been good for them.

There were some personal issues that were affecting them and it is fair to say they had lost faith with the organisation, which impacted on their attitude towards their work and ultimately their performance. As is often the case, this did not just affect them but unfortunately it impacted their team and the people they worked with.

They realised things needed to change and came to me for support. We set about a series of coaching sessions focusing firstly on where they wanted to get to and setting the right goals. I set about challenging their mindset, and the limiting beliefs and assumptions they had about themselves and others in the organisation. We looked at unproductive behaviours and habits and set in place action plans to address these. It was my role to support them but also hold them accountable and keep them focused on their goals.

This proved to be a turning point for the individual and one of their most productive periods. Their performance improved and their team became much more engaged.

Almost one year to the day of them accepting the need to change they were publicly recognised within the organisation as someone who had really transformed themselves and had not only embraced the changes taking place in the business but was now actively supporting others in the organisation.

  • Simon supported me through our coaching relationship and really helped me to work through some difficult times and inspired me to make the changes I needed to. Simon brought fresh ideas to our sessions and was a great listener. His easy going manner combined with his training and business experience made him an excellent coach.

    — MD