I get a buzz out of helping people - helping others to develop, to improve, to shine

I believe that people enjoy what they're good at and are good at what they enjoy. And I know that when people enjoy what they do not only do they have fulfillment and happiness, but they can achieve extraordinary thing; this leads to great results, not just for the individual but for the business too.

Can you imagine a world where everyone is performing at their very best. Imagine what that world would look like? Imagine what your world would look like? What if we were able to inspire and lead people, to engage with them in ways that enable them to enjoy and excel in what they do?

People at their best = amazing results!

Being at your best is a choice, a choice for businesses and individuals. My passion is in supporting people and businesses that choose to become the very best that they can be. People who are good at what they do and enjoy it get great results and are highly engaged in their work. This is what I love; this work makes me feel great.

Harnessing what I have learned with Blue Chip organisations for my clients

And my expertise is in sales excellence - sales leadership, sales transformation, high performance. Blend this with my belief in creating the conditions where people feel free to be at their best, have the right skills, mindset, behaviours and leadership - this is my life work.

Drawing on my 25 years experience in sales leadership and sales transformation, working with blue chips like BT, Accenture and Vodafone, I have gathered the very best of techniques and methods to drive sustainable change and deliver the outcomes my clients want and deserve. I also know what doesn't work and help my clients to avoid the pitfalls so many inadvertently fall into, wasting precious energy and resources.

But it’s not just about my experience. I draw upon the know-how of all the extraordinary people I have the pleasure to meet and to work with, always learning, looking for new ways to serve my clients.

This is why I am a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute and The British Psychological Society. In our ever changing and demanding world, it is vital to stay ahead and seek continual professional development. It's impossible to separate human nature and performance at work so access to the latest research in neuroleadership and social psychology helps form the backbone of my work; understanding the influences that people have on the behaviours of others and, for that matter, themselves.

My strapline is ‘challenge to change’, so expect some soul-searching questions, some direct feedback but ultimately a better and more focused version of you

I have learned that whatever goals a client sets out to achieve, whether it be sales performance acceleration, customer experience improvements, or business growth, the coaching principles are the same. There are common threads that tie together the motivation that drives high performing people and the rituals and behaviours they apply.

If change was easy, companies would all be performing at their peak, every day, growing profitably. But that's not the case and as Kotter reminds us 70% of change efforts fail. Why? Many reasons, but one I see the most is how businesses shy away from difficult truths, instead staying in the relative comfort of what is safe and 'known'.

My goal is to help my clients unearth the truth with a personal intent of them gaining clarity on what they can do to change their outcomes.